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Name:Warren Peace
RP account

Warren Peace

Part-time hero
Part-time bouncer
Likes beer
Plays the guitar
Own a motorcycle
Actually, he owns two
Son of a super-villain
Son of a super-hero
There's more; come find out!

Why yes, I tend to make shit up. Because let's face it, canon doesn't tell us all that much.

Never played with me before? Then this could be worth giving a quick read.

There are several different verses going in in this journal. They put Warren in different parts of the world, and at different ages. I admit, they're a good way to ship him with other muses. What can I say, I'm a romantic sap.

Savanna Stories

Warren age 20. Having decided to not go straight from school into heroing like most of his friends did, he left Maxville to see a bit more of the world and ended up living in Savanna, making a living as a bouncer and in a relationship with the cat-burgular Liz who lives across the hall.

A decade later

Set some ten or so years after Savanna Stories. Warren has moved back to Maxville and have answered the superhero calling. A chance encounter with Liz has brought her back into his life.

Days in the sun

Warren in his mid-twenties, having been ordered by his friends to for once in his life go on a real vacation. This has landed him in Hawaii where he met the blind girl Noel


Mid-twenties, living and working in Maxville. Trying to sort out his feelings for Layla Williams. Friends can become lovers, right?

Warren can also be found in SSWS. There he is again in his mid-twenties. Not currently an active superhero. Recently moved to New York, making a living as a bouncer. Just building a life, really. Come make friends.

BOTH MUSE AND MUN ARE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE. Smut does happen here on occasion.
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